“Today I weigh 123 lb and my BMI is 23.2, well within the normal range. I lost a total of 65 pounds. Julia taught me that although I may achieve a healthy weight, exercise needed to be a permanent part of my lifestyle.”

Michelle Tallon - TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS = 65 lb

“Without an exercise program and commitment to a healthy diet, all efforts to lose weight, including undergoing weight-loss surgery, are, at best, temporary and, at worst, doomed to fail. I am firmly grounded in this belief and credit my weight-loss success to acting on it.”

Carolyn Smiser - TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS = 209 lb

“The title of this book should be Save Your Life, which is what it did for me. I truly was almost to the point of no return. I cannot thank Julia Karlstad enough.”

Tim Maloney

100 point decrease in total cholesterol

52-point decrease in triglycerides

75-point decrease in blood glucose


“An accident in my past limited my mobility and contributed to my weight gain. I overcame this limitation through lifestyle dietary changes and consistent exercise. I’ve lost weight and can now do things that I had previously given up. I can’t say enough about how Julia Karlstad’s program has improved my life!

Elva Jumper - TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS = 35 lb

Professional Testaments

“Julia is a mastered trained personal trainer and has helped my obese patients for the past six years. She is the only trainer I feel comfortable sending my patients to!”

Tamyra Rogers, MD - Board Certified Bariatrician

“I have had the opportunity many, many times to observe Julia interacting with her clients. She is absolutely outstanding. She provides an amazing knowledge base drawn from her expertise in exercise physiology in order to tailor each individual client’s fitness regimen.”

Suzanne K. Gazda, MD - Neurologist